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Day 581 went and saw brothers

im not allergic to dogs anymore?

good stuff and bad stuff on the rise but important things

i ate so much today and im still hungry

boob hurts a bunch but not super bad

gona play videa games just gota set up on a tv i can see maybe downstairs

hormones are good i had a super on point out fit but couldnt get a full length selfie ;;;;; and my brother took terrible pics of it


The 24th October 2012 to the 24th September 2014 (today)

735 Days HRT(24 1/2 Months)

Two no makeup selfies *almost* a year apart. I was actually going for a full 2 years instead of 23  months and, well, oops :D. Both no makeup, both the same location, but before work, both the same glasses… just the latter is me after a whole bunch more Oestrogen.

To my eyes, I’ve not changed that much, well, I have, but I’m not sure those changes make me look more feminine, I still look like me to me… but I@m a terrible judge of these things, so as ever…. what do you lot think?

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